12th World Congress on Design and Health : I Learn New Things

First of all, no, I am not going. But yes, it is happening, in Vienna, Austria this July. And yes, my abstract was actually accepted. But I’m not going haha.

For those who have read my previous post might know that I already laid out my comments on how hard it is to get grants and all lol. Well, it is true, and I do experience it this time. I made and share proposals to everyone and every company that might probably wants to support me, but even until I tried for a whole six months, it went futile.

I tried it from the government, the independent companies, the relatives and all. But all were a fail. They were either ignoring me or rejecting me lol. Although there was actually one grant that I could get, however I should change the name of the researcher (basically not using my name), and the grant was only for the first author, so it’s basically my paper would be presented just not by me, and I’d still be not going. So I declined.

I was sad, I never know that it was so hard to get new experience. So I started think to myself that I should not be greedy. Maybe this is not the right time for me to go. I tried to let go. Plus, my Mum is actually in need for the money for her study so I assure myself that it is the best thing to do now.

Then, I tried to keep myself busy. I focused on my works and study, but I was actually still wanting to go lol. I actually lose my spirit, but I could not show it, it would sadden my Mum anyway, thinking that I should give way to her when we’re both need the money.

But, here is the thing.

When you got accepted in an international conferences or congress, especially with limited participant, and limited money (sobs;; lol). YOU SHOULD LET THE CHAIRMAN KNOWS (you know, usually the one who tells you that you passed is the chairman, so just email him).

I mean, really really really stupid of me! I did not think that being honest on email saying that I could not come due to financial issue would actually be so helpful! (although it’s too late now lol). I decided to send an email to him regarding the issue I was dealing with, and I apologised to him that I could not join the congress. I did not expect him to reply anything, I was just trying to let go.


He replied 3 minutes later. Like, it was so fast I did not even close my tab yet.


Oh. My. God.

You know it took me two months to finally decide I should just email him and apologise, so it’s basically only a week to the event and how could we make it happen now when everything’s already settled? LOL

After I read his email, I cried my eyes out haha.

I was really moved by the fact that even my own country and relatives did not give me any options nor are they trying to find me a solution, but someone whom I know only from an email said he would have helped me if I asked him;;;;;

I know i overreacted, but I truly feel like all the heavy things in my heart are lifted through that one particular email. It does not matter anymore that I would not be going, it just the fact that actually someone acknowledge and appreciate me enough he would helped me find a solution that actually got into my heart…

I mean, maybe not all of the chairman of any congress or conferences would do the same, but well, it does not hurt to try. It might give you the best solution out of all.

Anyway he told me to keep in touch because he might be visiting my country or nearby country later. It really boost up my energy (I even finally finished my portfolio HAHA)

Well, this is actually just an add up to my previous one. I was told that I am a lucky kid because I got to experience many things and go to many places, but I’d like to share that those times are actually just a bit pieces of the hard times lol. Life is hard, living is harder, it’s just that I decided not to meddle with the thought haha.

Anyway, with this post, it could also be one of the ways you could get some support to strive for any experience. So, i’ll just leave it here 🙂

Have a nice soon-to-end weekend everyone!

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 4.24.04 PM
I got to be a poster presenter, my name’s in number P12. It was actually good enough for me to be recognised, I would not ask for more, it might be for the best for now 🙂

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