Little Things I Like

Spending time alone.

Reading good books,

Watching good films. The ones teaching you about life–or about an exciting adventures. You can feel their excitement, their thumping heart. Laughing and crying with the characters.

Sipping a nice cup of chamomile tea in a cafe with good musics–the soothing ones.

Writing random thoughts or random stories. Whichever comes to mind first.

Making lists about what to do, what to buy or what i like.



and Exploring places–spaces.

Piano sounds, Guitar sounds. Opera, Musical, Orchestra.

Drawing and doodling–or doing research while doodling on about it.

Adoring buildings, houses, parks, cities–any architectural designs.

Writing in capital LETTERS–only when it is hand-written.

Watching funny videos on youtube–sometimes people dancing, skating, doing rhythmic gymnastic moves.

Cycling around area in the morning–so that i would not meet other people or vehicles.

Laze around with Mom or friends.

Holding hand with Dad while taking a stroll.

Singing out loud, sharing stories with Mom while driving to supermarkets or home.


I wish I could still do those things even years after now.

Wherever I would be, I hope I could still take times to do them.

Because in this life,

Those are the little things I like the most.


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