Taste of Music

Last week I went to a concert with my two close friends. It was held in my uni so the price was not really high, and the players are from our uni too! They played such beautiful songs from the infamous classical composers like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart to the modern one like David Bruce.

To tell you the truth, tho i said i love musics, i didn’t know that those people are from different era lol (pardon my shortcomings, like i said my parents didn’t let me to be all in in my hobbies lol). I thought people said “classic” because the beauty would never cease through times and people will always love it. like, you know, when people say “oh! that’s so classic!” (yeah i’m such a naive one).

So, i just learn that Bach was from Baroque era, as well as Vivaldi. Classical era was where my fav one comes from, yep, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart–i swear if i got another chance to have a pet later i’d name him after Mozart, not like Potato, why did i even name my cat “potato”…–and, Beethoven came after his era, with Tchaikovsky, Schubert and Chopin in Romaticism. I mean i know Beethoven once was Mozart’s pupil, i just never thought that they belonged to different eras lol.

I also came across one of the modern one like David Bruce’s Triangle Concerto. It was cute, i had a jumpy heart lol. I mean it, it was so cute i search it up in youtube but i do not think there are many of people who played it yet? or is it because i did not search it enough? oh and Yiruma and also Steven Bear! God i love his compositions! He said that he was inspired by Joe Hisaishi and i can sense that 🙂


i do have favorites! you see, there are lots of beautiful musics there, but i can say that my favourites are Mozart’s and Joe Hisaishi’s!

well, who does not love them? not me of course haha. I fall in love with Mozart’s cheerfulness in his compositions, esp. in K.265/300e, you know, the twinkle-twinkle little stars haha. I know the song was meant for younger children, but it is indeed beautiful! I read Mozart’s story when i was kid, i saw him growing up in such a harmonious environment–not like Beethoven, that’s why his musics are mostly kinda sad and depressing to me–and was loved by many people. Maybe that’s why i can sense his cheerfulness in his musics. I just love cheerful musics lol.

But, it’s the other thing with Joe Hisaishi’s works tho. I knew him from Studio Ghibli‘s movies so i was once interested only in his anime-related musics. But then i search him up and fall deeply with his compositions! although i must admit, rather than the cheerful ones, i like the mellow ones with Hisaishi’s haha.

It’s like i have two composers who could interpret my feelings haha. Happy Mozart and Mellow Hisaishi haha. This one is probably the one that almost all people know from Hisaishi, “One Summer’s Day“. It was from Spirited Away. I can even shed a tear listening to this! I just watched his 2003 concert (in youtube ofc, i wish i have lotta money so i could go to concerts whenever i want), it was BRILLIANT i tell you. and if you’re curious what was i watching, it was “a Wish to the Moon, Etude/Encore 2003 Concert”.

(source : amazon)

I put Joe Hisaishi’s pic just because he is so handsome there lol (i consider people doing their things to be handsome haha)

I also went to a concert by Addie MS (a composer from Indonesia) and it was also beyond great, i remember i got goosebumps when the music was played.

Up to this day, whenever i listen to their compositions i would immediately think “how come they could come up with this beautiful melodies?“. Tho i bet it is indeed because they’re working hard AND enjoying themselves in it.

Besides them, i actually like old songs lol. Like 90’s songs. I actually take a great interest in songs like You Belong to Me by Bob Dylan, but enjoy Carla Bruni’s version more haha. Also, i like some of k-pop and j-pop songs like Arashi, NEWS, Hey! Say! Jump, Big Bang and Seventeen, and also Linkin’ Park (haha lots different genres i have there).

But nothing beats my love to Classical Songs–wait, if the eras are different, are they still called classical altogether? lol–since they soothe me the best haha!

Alright, done with this post! (what kind of closing is this)

Hope you guys have a great day/night!


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